The Designers'

Take a tour of the Aga Khan Garden with some of the designers from Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, Thomas Woltz, Breck Gastinger, Nathan Foley, and Sandra Nam Cioffi. There are 14 stops around the garden in this module. Visit as many as you like, in any order you want. If you are at the garden, try the GPS option. Content will appear based on your location.


At the Garden?

1) Select "Allow Location Access" on the pop-up

2) Close this window

3) Wander around. Your device will notify you when you come across something.

4) Press START

Requirements: GPS, Location services enabled, Internet
(Your data will not be collected)

Not at the Garden?

1) Select "Don't Allow" on the pop-up

2) Close this window

3) Tap a marker on the map.


14 stops
1 stop ~ 2-3 min.
All stops ~ 30 min.

The Designers' Tour